Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Little Peek

I am not fully ready to give a house tour yet of our apartment, there is still much work to be completed. So to satisfy your design taste buds, here is a small sampling of what progress is being made.


Creative Space
Living Room 


Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Textile Tuesday: 60's Fabric

Happy Tuesday, I hope these bright 60's fabrics cheer up your evening. All these vintage vixens can be found at the Classic Modern Shop. Enjoy! 

All images were taken from


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friday: Sandi Devenny

I'd like to introduce you to one of the most versitile artists I've ever worked with. She is the designer of my blog and workaholic mom who turns anything into amazing design that she touches. Her name is Sandi Devenny, and I can't brag about her enough. I started chatting with Sandi over a year ago when I first joined instagram. She posted a photo of some softie toys she was making for a craft fair and I just had to have one. As I started chatting with her more and more and reading her blog, I realized ,WOAH this lady is a MAJOR talented artist. So as proud follower of Ms.Sandi I am pleased to share some of her work with you.
 Image from Adalou blog

Check out all the diffrent mediums she uses, WOWZA! She is no one trick pony.
 All these amazing pieces can be purchased HERE

Have I mentioned this lady doodles? I would love to own a page or computer file filled with her little creation.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Knoll

Happy Textile Tuesday, a day late as usual, but none the less I have another inspiring feature. The Knoll textile and furniture company is what made me want to go to school to become a textile designer. With their bold patterned fabric in places from hospital to homes, I wanted to be apart of a company that had such presents in everyday life.But, with the slump in the economy, and on a two year wait list for an internship (not guaranteeing any sort of job) it was time to move on to more hands on work. I still pine for vintage knoll furniture pieces on craigslist list, and photograph  waiting room/office furniture fabrics to see if they are Knoll.(how dorky right?), but I love textiles, and Knoll's designs proved that different can be functional in everyday places.
Left: Florence Knoll Right: Knoll Chair still in wrapping (how exciting)!

Here are my Knoll picks:


Look What I Made

Some of you have been asking about some of the drawings/illistrations I do, well here are some of my current ones. I love making them for friends and such, so if you would like to own an orginal "Deb" I will gladly make you one. Whats the cost? $10 that includes shipping contact me kocourekd at
Mr.K & Mrs.K

Dessert Outcast
4 Different Ladies 4 Different Worlds 
This is Jess's son Judah. Wolfgang are growing up together via our Instagram feeds.
Jess blogs here
Space Kiddo
Mr. Yeti, A depressed snow monster who puts in 12 hours a day at the popcical factory

~~~~~More Coming Soon~~~~

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Friday: Draw! Pilgrim

Welcome to week two of Artsy Fartsy Friday, this week  I am showing the works of another artist down under. Her name is Pilgrim and she is mother of color. I first was introduced to her work about two years ago, my mother sent me a link to her Etsy shop and it was love at first sight. I have been lucky enough to chat with her through Instagram and Twitter, and she is a joy to follow, shes shares  her colorful outfits and current projects.
The Queen of color combinations.
My current Pilgrim picks:
Want more Pilgrim in your life?


Thursday, May 17, 2012

This Just Thrifted

I've eased back on the thrifting latley since I have not had much free time to go make my normal rounds. And if we have plans as a family to do weekend adventures I try and wait so I can go treasure hunting with the mister. As a side note, my husband has really been enjoying thrifting/record hunting latley it has been such a blast! This past week I was able to bring home some MAJOR finds, for super cheap. So please bask in some of my thrifty glory.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Polarn O Pyret Swimwear

My favorite childrens clothing company has the cutiest kids swimwear, I am not the biggest fan of character printed trunks that are so long that they look like pants. So, as usual for Wolfgang I turn to Polarn O Pyret for vintage inspired swim bottoms. Wolfie officially got to test his new pair out yesterday at Grandma's house.

All of the the kiddo swimwear can be found at Polarn O Pyret.


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Fridays: Caragh Brooks

Welcome to my new little segment here, I am such a lover of modern and pop art that I thought I should start featuring some of the artists I know and love. The first up is Caragh Brooks, I met her about five years ago when she needed her hair colored. Soon after, we had a little bartering system going on, color her hair, receive a doodle, color her hair, have her design invitations for me .Caragh got me interested in making art again, and adding a quirky  twist to it. Shes recently started tattooing since shes moved back to Australia, and let me tell ya good thing shes a thirteen hour plane ride away, because I would spend all my money paying her to tattoo me.

Here are some of my Caragh Brooks favorites:
Wanna see more art? Check Caragh our at her website Caragh Brooks Can Draw.


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mr. Sassoon

I normally do not compose too many post about people passing, but Vidal Sassoon has been an idol of mine (even if I didn't realize it ) for as far back as I could remember. Those mod top  haircuts defined a generation, and helped me define my individuality in Nowhereville's Central Illinois.
Image source:Google
Me with my favorite hair cut. Photo by Anthony Saluto 


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Instagram Inst-A-Outfit

A recent collection of outfits from my Instagram feed. Enjoy!




Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toasty Moved Out

So, this week has been interesting....Toasty my cat of five years has decided to pack his bags and move out a.k.a he ran away last night ask I was cleaning up my painting supplies. I looked all over for him today and even put some food out in case he needs a snack. Hope you are safe my fur handsome, and I miss you biting my feet at night.
Toasty loves tater tots.


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Paul Frank

We all know the name, well all love the happy go lucky silly characters, so now it's time I pay a little tribute to the company who has made it fun to get dressed and decorate. Paul Frank has been one of my favorites for as far back as I could remember. One year when I was in southern California with my parents I made them bring me to all the Paul Frank stores to hoard the swank vinyl goods. Now that I have Wolfgang I dress him as much Julius and friends garb as possible, and for us moms who have boys, this company has been a god sent for helping our kiddos look trendy.
Here is Mr Frank, the man behind the monkey read some of the companies drama here.

Here are my Paul Frank picks:
From left to right: *Alarm *Clock, *Rug, *Booster, Stools, Watch, *Space Tee, *Swim Suit,*Teal Tee,*Green Tee,*Nerd Tee, Helmet and Pads, Bike seat
***Denotes can be purchased at Target
All the rest are available through Paul Frank Industries