Thursday, May 24, 2012

Look What I Made

Some of you have been asking about some of the drawings/illistrations I do, well here are some of my current ones. I love making them for friends and such, so if you would like to own an orginal "Deb" I will gladly make you one. Whats the cost? $10 that includes shipping contact me kocourekd at
Mr.K & Mrs.K

Dessert Outcast
4 Different Ladies 4 Different Worlds 
This is Jess's son Judah. Wolfgang are growing up together via our Instagram feeds.
Jess blogs here
Space Kiddo
Mr. Yeti, A depressed snow monster who puts in 12 hours a day at the popcical factory

~~~~~More Coming Soon~~~~


Consider my dear said...

I love Mr Yeti. His story is so sad, I want to know more about him. I think I might commission you for a portrait of myself in the style of all your lady portraits. <3

Jess Judkins said...

I LOVE the drawing of Judah!!! can I pay you for it? Let me know :-)

PS I was just thinking about you today when Scott and I were talking about what we want to do with our kitchen...Im thinking of maybe having some ham or fruit or something drawings ;)