Thursday, May 24, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Knoll

Happy Textile Tuesday, a day late as usual, but none the less I have another inspiring feature. The Knoll textile and furniture company is what made me want to go to school to become a textile designer. With their bold patterned fabric in places from hospital to homes, I wanted to be apart of a company that had such presents in everyday life.But, with the slump in the economy, and on a two year wait list for an internship (not guaranteeing any sort of job) it was time to move on to more hands on work. I still pine for vintage knoll furniture pieces on craigslist list, and photograph  waiting room/office furniture fabrics to see if they are Knoll.(how dorky right?), but I love textiles, and Knoll's designs proved that different can be functional in everyday places.
Left: Florence Knoll Right: Knoll Chair still in wrapping (how exciting)!

Here are my Knoll picks:


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