Artsy Fartsy Fridays

Welcome to my new little segment here, I am such a lover of modern and pop art that I thought I should start featuring some of the artists I know and love. The first up is Caragh Brooks, I met her about five years ago when she needed her hair colored. Soon after, we had a little bartering system going on, color her hair, receive a doodle, color her hair, have her design invitations for me .Caragh got me interested in making art again, and adding a quirky  twist to it. Shes recently started tattooing since shes moved back to Australia, and let me tell ya good thing shes a thirteen hour plane ride away, because I would spend all my money paying her to tattoo me.

Here are some of my Caragh Brooks favorites:
Wanna see more art? Check Caragh our at her website Caragh Brooks Can Draw.


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