Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Streamline Airstream

Seventy years ago a dream was born. A simple man named Wally Byam had a dream. A dream of creating a very accommodating home that was "stream line"  and could be pulled by the modest American car.  Twenty six years ago a girl, who should have been born seventy years ago, started to day dream about those little silver perfections. She would see them pass her by, while she sat in the backseat of her daddy's Buick Century.  A true "turn of the Century" girl.
Frankly, the idea of me staying in a Super 8 motel is what I consider to be "roughing it".  So the idea of ever staying in any sort of trailer, no matter how accommodating it may be, still gives me anxiety attacks.  But, after watching my muse Lucille Ball in my favorite movie The Long Long Trailer, I began to fancy the idea of entertaing friends in my little atomic Airstream while dressed in a perfectly pressed shirt-dress and pumps.
 Well, as my luck would have it , after moving to central Illinois we were lucky enough to make the acquaintance of four friends who own two AirStreams between them!  I invited myself over to take some dreamy photos of pure nostalgia. 
Excello, she's a bigger gal with enough room for you and all your Samsonite suitcases ,a mother in-law,and pet bird!

A peek inside...
Oh, what plush interior!

Oh little Bambi, how sweet you are! This little Twinkie sized gem is compact ,cool and ready to fulfill all your road trip needs.

Oh, how see two little trailers can bring me such prolonged pleasure.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Once Upon A Weekend Deary

This weekend was great.  Even though I did not attend any type of rummage sale...still great! Lots of good company and food with friends.Take a peek into my weekend adventures.
 Kicking off the weekend with a dinner at our place with our neighbors.  My favorite glasses made by Fire King help dress the table.
 My husband, who is always impressing me, surprised me with fresh beignets for when I got home from the farmers market.
Little Wolf ready to roll to the market.  He loves watching all the puppies that are there.

Originally, this past Saturday was supposed to be my big cupcake open house, but we were invited to a very special event honoring our friends who recently had civil unions.  Driving out into the middle of nowhere in the country was worth it, so many lovely people and things!
 Old abandoned barns always fascinate me and they always appear so stoic.
 Storm rolling in.
 Wore my wellies just incase.
 The sun was setting, and the rain was starting to fall, so perfect.
As a former city/burb girl, I couldn't resist a tourist shot with the bails.
A perfect celebration 

And then there was Sunday.  Sundays in the summer are definitely not snubbed like they are during the school year. Sundays are my favorite during the summer. My husband normally prepares a full breakfast for us and a few friends, which is then followed with chit chat about the upcoming week.  And who could forget about a cuddly Sunday nap!
 Before dinner on Sundays, with the help of the energy gained from our nap, we normally take an adventure walk.  Walking down different streets or alleys.  With dusk upon us and most people settling at the dinner table, this walk always presents different views of our town.
 Husband thought it would be fun to try out the hiking back carrier for Wolfgang.
 Down an alley.
 Side of an apartment.
 With so much humidity the mushrooms are starting to take over.
Heading back home for din din.

Now with the day ending it is time to start my new sewing project for the week, or attempt I should say. Baby pants!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Birds Of A Feather

My nick-name in my family is Bird. So naturally I am drawn to any and all things uniquely related to them. While starring at one of my favorite blogs Sew Liberated they had a feature of a fabric bird mobile and pattern(that was originally from Spool Sewing).Still new to the wold of sewing I felt this was another great little task for me to get to know my Bernina better.
A few cheap items:fishing line,branches,eyehooks
 Fabric birds made from the following pattern:down load pattern here
 Embroidery threat to secure the birdies
 Mount and balance to your desire

Voila! A nifty little project that is so modern and rustic! 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Feeling Blue

Feeling blue? Well sort of. Today while daddy needed some daddy time a.k.a a nap. Wolfgang and I made a quick visit to The Mission Mart Thrift Store. I realized that when we got home to show daddy our findings that everything we bought was blue!All artist so through a blue period so mind was bound to happen.

Monday, June 20, 2011

A Blankie For Wolf

Now that I am a full time mummy, I've made a new friend. My mothers sewing machine that she has gladly passed onto me .Besides making a few simple valances for my living room I thought I'd get some more practice in with it by making Wolfgang a cuddle blankie.Wolfgang has these amazing gaze blankets hes in love with,problem is he gets all tangled up in them and it makes me a nervous nelly!Solution? Bust out the ol' sewing machine and make it "cuddle" size with a a "W" patch on it.
 Fold blanket to size,sew,at patch..VIOLA
A happy Wolfgang with his mummy homemade blanket

Saturday, June 18, 2011

20 Minute Handmade Gift

As always my home is in constant rotation of treasures and goods that I have collected over the years.Recently hand made garlands are popping up in all my favorite stores and blogs.
So instead of popping the fifty bucks that some go for,I took matters into my own hands.Creating my own garland from my massive stockpile of doilies that I felt the need to hoard.By simply cutting the doilies to size then tying them together with a heavier weight string...VIOLA!Instant artsy fartsy decor.!

source ohdeedoh.com

source elizabethannedesigns.com
source sweetestlittles.blogspot

My own creation for a friends new home

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Treat of The Week

This weeks treat is summer inspired. Old-Fashion Layered Berry Cake, a lovely recipe that is relatively simple.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrifited Treasures and Yard Sale Goods

Summer is here and so are the sales!!! This past week has been particularly amazing ! Here are the fruits of all my yard and thrift sales of the past week

Goods From Mission Mart

 Vintage Pillow Cases
 Sexy BlueBlockers
Play Quilt
There was an amazing sale that I got an invite from via Facebook,and not only was it a collectors dream the inside of the home was neato itself.
 The mysterious wash sink in the upstairs painted a delightful shade of Atomic Teal
 Goods laid out in the kitschy kitchen 
The yummy spiral staircase that was the center piece of the tiny home,such a surprise to see this master piece in such a small abode. 
This sale was so good to me in the textile department,the colors and patterns were titillating
 An embroderded map that had original instructions included 
 Party host perfect aprons(hand made!)
 Cherry table cloth and days of the week dish towels 
 Rainbow of hankies!
 Table cloths
 Teal Phone
.Needle work booklets.
Some  goods from old fashion yard sales that were held in the local historic district
 Aluminum Cups
 Childs tin play iron and puzzel
The find of the week Sally's $35 sofa

And last but certainly not least ,after all this fun hunting a made a quick trip to and old stand by The Neighborhood Thrift Store
(Follow them of Facebook "Neighborhood Thrift") 
 This made my week! A L'eggs!!
Toy RV for the Wolf-man

And there you have it,the gems of week.