Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrifited Treasures and Yard Sale Goods

Summer is here and so are the sales!!! This past week has been particularly amazing ! Here are the fruits of all my yard and thrift sales of the past week

Goods From Mission Mart

 Vintage Pillow Cases
 Sexy BlueBlockers
Play Quilt
There was an amazing sale that I got an invite from via Facebook,and not only was it a collectors dream the inside of the home was neato itself.
 The mysterious wash sink in the upstairs painted a delightful shade of Atomic Teal
 Goods laid out in the kitschy kitchen 
The yummy spiral staircase that was the center piece of the tiny home,such a surprise to see this master piece in such a small abode. 
This sale was so good to me in the textile department,the colors and patterns were titillating
 An embroderded map that had original instructions included 
 Party host perfect aprons(hand made!)
 Cherry table cloth and days of the week dish towels 
 Rainbow of hankies!
 Table cloths
 Teal Phone
.Needle work booklets.
Some  goods from old fashion yard sales that were held in the local historic district
 Aluminum Cups
 Childs tin play iron and puzzel
The find of the week Sally's $35 sofa

And last but certainly not least ,after all this fun hunting a made a quick trip to and old stand by The Neighborhood Thrift Store
(Follow them of Facebook "Neighborhood Thrift") 
 This made my week! A L'eggs!!
Toy RV for the Wolf-man

And there you have it,the gems of week.

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