Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My Week In a Nutshell

Here are a few pictures put together, sharing snips and snaps of our daily life, lots of family time and lots of projects. Enjoy my humble daily life.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Graziela Preiser By Maria

Graziela Preiser:

Hi friends, this is Maria from Germany! I run a vintage blog & handmade shop called nähmarie which means something like ‘sew mary’. I’m so happy to guest blogging on amongst the knick-knacks today. Like Deb, I am a huge fan and collector of vintage textiles. My favorites are from a german designer named Graziela Preiser. She created her successful brand in the 60s and designed a variety of collections, from bedlinen and children’s fashion to tableware. 
Image found here

Typical of  her fabrics are cheerful colors and a clear graphic design. But enough talk yet, here I will show you my beloved and hard-thrifted treasures:

Looking to fulfill your collection? The good news is that there was a big relaunch a few years ago and now the cult fabrics are available again. Just hop on over to bygraziela & enjoy!

 ~~~Thank you so much Maria for introducing me to this gem of a textile designer, and for sharing your collection with us.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Real Life Pinterest :Vintage 45 Covers

My inspiration from Pinterest has struck again!  This time inspiration has come in the artsy/fartsy sense with a dash of Mod Podge. While scanning over Pinterest one afternoon I stumbled upon some pins that Miss Pilgrim pinned. They were colorful 45 sleeves from the 60's and 70's.  I knew I had bumped into those while out record shopping, so this past weekend I made it my duty to do a lil' art project out of them.  With my 45s in hand, a big blank canvas, and Mod Podge, some colorful art was born.

The inspiration...
My attempt...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mid Century For Mini's

Wolfie is proudly following in his mommy's foot steps with his love of Mid Century and quirky design (you should have seen his reaction when I hung up his goat drapes made from Ikea fabric).  I have put together a lil' list of things that I think could outfit any tot the Mid Century way and leave your home looking less like a daycare center.
Images are from little nest and Amazon

Hope these mini sized modern furnishing inspire some hip designs in your pad.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Lotta Kühlhorn Edition

Happy textile Tuesday! This particular edition I am really,really,really excited about! Lotta Kühlhorn is colorful fun loving designer who not only designs fabrics, but other pretty house wear goods. I came to adore her work from her lovely range she did for Ikea in 2011 and am currently trolling Ebay and Etsy for the fabrics I missed out on.
Ms. Kühlhon with one of my personal favorite fabrics she designed for Ikea
Image Source:google

Here are my Kühlhonr picks:
All images from here


Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Lets make an Instagram gallery wall using Postal Pix!

TIP: When I was making my grid, I free handed it. The photo themselves show you how to "self correct" any wonky-ness.
Tip: As I was finishing up the wall, I removed some of the tape to make sure I liked the look it was creating .

Worried about your photos falling down? Don't be, I have found making tight little rolled up tape balls near the the edge of the corners work best. Try to use as much tape in one little ball to make it stick really really well.
I have also found that fresh new postal pix work best, some that I had used in previous pic decor projects seemed to fall down after a couple days (they had curled a little from humidity).
This is what I have found to work best.

Hope this was helpful to my IG followers that were asking about some tips on making this work well. If you have any suggestions or  methods of how to hang these I would love to hear.


Textile Tuesday: Ikea Edition

After a two day fabric shopping spree at Ikea this past weekend, it seemed fitting to feature a colorful spread of ikea textile loveliness. 
All fabric can be purchase at Ikea excluding the large daisy print and red oval print. These textiles are no longer available for purchase.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Gust Posting!

Check out my guest post from Pussycat Vintage!

Valentine's Day Date Outfits For Day & Night From // Deb of Amongst The Knick Knacks

Greetings Pussycat readers, my name is Deb and I am the curator over at Amongst The Knick Knacks a little corner in the world wide web dedicated to my loves and hobbies. I am so flattered to be invited to Nicole's blog party, I am still a newbie to the blogging world so please excuse me if I come off as a little "green". When I am choosing my outfit for the most romantic day of the year, I tend to lean more towards the cute side of things. The thought of me, deb know as the class clown, dressing up sexy or hot makes me feel horribly awkward and silly. And personally my husband dose not particular care for when i am dressed so fussy that he can even hug me! 

Combo one is what I am planning on wearing during the day, a rose print blouse paired with a light pink colored skirt and cardi give off the vibe of being Valentines-ish without being too litteral. Top these separates off with a vintage scarf upon my bouffant and pink tights on my stems.

Combo two I'm keeping with my pink hue theme for the evening time , I change things up with a thrifted shift dress and salmon colored swing coat my parents spotted in a thrift shop in So CAL. Since I always try to make different patterns work together I decided to bust out my favorite pair of heart print tights and pink JC shoes borrowed from my mom. And just incase the local paparazzi show up I have my 60s inspired  sunnies in tow.

Hope you cats enjoyed my V-Day fashion picks!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Textile Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, and welcome to a new segment here at  Amongst The Knick-knacks. Each week I am going to feature some of my favorite textile goods that I have stumbled upon over the internet or books. This weeks feature is tea towels, fun colorful linens that have graphic calendar of the past, or some cartoon mocking the daily gride of a house wife. Enjoy!

A. B. C. D. E. F. G. H. I. J. K. L.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

From Norway With Love

Lately my spare time is non existent.  Between the death stomach flu that passed through our home and moving there hasn't been much random internet surfing.  But, the small amount of time I have been spending browsing the internet has been so inspring and refreshing.  I have stumbled upon a wonderful slew of Scandinavian blogs loaded with Pinterest worthy pics and ideas.  I am half Norwegin so I have always had a love for bright textiles and knick-knacks. It has been so wonderful to scan over these blogs and fall in love all over again with my family's heritage and eclectic style.
 Here are my top three:

A colorful heap of textiles and simplistic Scandinavian design, the blog also features great photos of the writer's colorful home.

This is a fun look at the flea market findings, before and after projects, and treasures from her familiy's past.

This blog features the writer's home, with many of her delightful little D.I.Y. projects she uses to accentuate her pretty home.

Check out my current etsy heart list of Scandinavian goodies.