Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Graziela Preiser By Maria

Graziela Preiser:

Hi friends, this is Maria from Germany! I run a vintage blog & handmade shop called nähmarie which means something like ‘sew mary’. I’m so happy to guest blogging on amongst the knick-knacks today. Like Deb, I am a huge fan and collector of vintage textiles. My favorites are from a german designer named Graziela Preiser. She created her successful brand in the 60s and designed a variety of collections, from bedlinen and children’s fashion to tableware. 
Image found here

Typical of  her fabrics are cheerful colors and a clear graphic design. But enough talk yet, here I will show you my beloved and hard-thrifted treasures:

Looking to fulfill your collection? The good news is that there was a big relaunch a few years ago and now the cult fabrics are available again. Just hop on over to bygraziela & enjoy!

 ~~~Thank you so much Maria for introducing me to this gem of a textile designer, and for sharing your collection with us.


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Nicole said...

These are all absolutely gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing these Maria!