Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Lets make an Instagram gallery wall using Postal Pix!

TIP: When I was making my grid, I free handed it. The photo themselves show you how to "self correct" any wonky-ness.
Tip: As I was finishing up the wall, I removed some of the tape to make sure I liked the look it was creating .

Worried about your photos falling down? Don't be, I have found making tight little rolled up tape balls near the the edge of the corners work best. Try to use as much tape in one little ball to make it stick really really well.
I have also found that fresh new postal pix work best, some that I had used in previous pic decor projects seemed to fall down after a couple days (they had curled a little from humidity).
This is what I have found to work best.

Hope this was helpful to my IG followers that were asking about some tips on making this work well. If you have any suggestions or  methods of how to hang these I would love to hear.


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