Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Streamline Airstream

Seventy years ago a dream was born. A simple man named Wally Byam had a dream. A dream of creating a very accommodating home that was "stream line"  and could be pulled by the modest American car.  Twenty six years ago a girl, who should have been born seventy years ago, started to day dream about those little silver perfections. She would see them pass her by, while she sat in the backseat of her daddy's Buick Century.  A true "turn of the Century" girl.
Frankly, the idea of me staying in a Super 8 motel is what I consider to be "roughing it".  So the idea of ever staying in any sort of trailer, no matter how accommodating it may be, still gives me anxiety attacks.  But, after watching my muse Lucille Ball in my favorite movie The Long Long Trailer, I began to fancy the idea of entertaing friends in my little atomic Airstream while dressed in a perfectly pressed shirt-dress and pumps.
 Well, as my luck would have it , after moving to central Illinois we were lucky enough to make the acquaintance of four friends who own two AirStreams between them!  I invited myself over to take some dreamy photos of pure nostalgia. 
Excello, she's a bigger gal with enough room for you and all your Samsonite suitcases ,a mother in-law,and pet bird!

A peek inside...
Oh, what plush interior!

Oh little Bambi, how sweet you are! This little Twinkie sized gem is compact ,cool and ready to fulfill all your road trip needs.

Oh, how see two little trailers can bring me such prolonged pleasure.

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O. said...

I love these!!!! So jealous that they have two :)