Sunday, June 26, 2011

Once Upon A Weekend Deary

This weekend was great.  Even though I did not attend any type of rummage sale...still great! Lots of good company and food with friends.Take a peek into my weekend adventures.
 Kicking off the weekend with a dinner at our place with our neighbors.  My favorite glasses made by Fire King help dress the table.
 My husband, who is always impressing me, surprised me with fresh beignets for when I got home from the farmers market.
Little Wolf ready to roll to the market.  He loves watching all the puppies that are there.

Originally, this past Saturday was supposed to be my big cupcake open house, but we were invited to a very special event honoring our friends who recently had civil unions.  Driving out into the middle of nowhere in the country was worth it, so many lovely people and things!
 Old abandoned barns always fascinate me and they always appear so stoic.
 Storm rolling in.
 Wore my wellies just incase.
 The sun was setting, and the rain was starting to fall, so perfect.
As a former city/burb girl, I couldn't resist a tourist shot with the bails.
A perfect celebration 

And then there was Sunday.  Sundays in the summer are definitely not snubbed like they are during the school year. Sundays are my favorite during the summer. My husband normally prepares a full breakfast for us and a few friends, which is then followed with chit chat about the upcoming week.  And who could forget about a cuddly Sunday nap!
 Before dinner on Sundays, with the help of the energy gained from our nap, we normally take an adventure walk.  Walking down different streets or alleys.  With dusk upon us and most people settling at the dinner table, this walk always presents different views of our town.
 Husband thought it would be fun to try out the hiking back carrier for Wolfgang.
 Down an alley.
 Side of an apartment.
 With so much humidity the mushrooms are starting to take over.
Heading back home for din din.

Now with the day ending it is time to start my new sewing project for the week, or attempt I should say. Baby pants!

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