Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Textile Tuesday: Paul Frank

We all know the name, well all love the happy go lucky silly characters, so now it's time I pay a little tribute to the company who has made it fun to get dressed and decorate. Paul Frank has been one of my favorites for as far back as I could remember. One year when I was in southern California with my parents I made them bring me to all the Paul Frank stores to hoard the swank vinyl goods. Now that I have Wolfgang I dress him as much Julius and friends garb as possible, and for us moms who have boys, this company has been a god sent for helping our kiddos look trendy.
Here is Mr Frank, the man behind the monkey read some of the companies drama here.

Here are my Paul Frank picks:
From left to right: *Alarm *Clock, *Rug, *Booster, Stools, Watch, *Space Tee, *Swim Suit,*Teal Tee,*Green Tee,*Nerd Tee, Helmet and Pads, Bike seat
***Denotes can be purchased at Target
All the rest are available through Paul Frank Industries

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Nicole said...

It definitely has. Finding cute boys clothes can be such a challenge sometimes. So many awesome girls clothes and I feel like boys kind of get left out. Try dressing your kid 11 years ago! There was NOTHING! So glad next time around I will more clothing options for a little one! Love your picks mama!