Saturday, April 7, 2012

Quick Fixes

On Saturday,  I dragged a pathetic shelf out the neighbor's trash.  I have been desperately looking for something similar for Wolfgang's room.  I made my husband drive me to the curb that had the shelf, and he hung his head in embarrassment as I loaded the treasure into our bug.
Not too shabby for a curb find, but this shelf did soak up one and a half cans of spray paint though.  YEEESSH!

One more quick little fixer upper I was working on was updating the jolly trolly lamp.  The lamp was once in my shop, but Wolfie fell in love with it.  Some vintage fabric Mod Podge onto a lamp shade, and we've got ourselves a classic craft.



chrissy said...

that shelf is seriously awesome!

Eartha Kitsch said...

Both are so sweet and that shelf is perfect now! Tell the hubs not to be embarrassed. Most people would rather their tossed out things have life again and not be destroyed.

Jess Judkins said...

ha Scott does the same when I drag him to grab something from the trash with me :-)

I want to see the before picture of the lamp!! I love them both :-)

Dottie said...

That is a bucket load of awesome, lady! There ain't nothing that can't be improved upon by a bucket of pretty paint. And so clever of you to grab that item for your neighbor. I'm still kicking myself over the shredded mid century metal chair that my neighbors left out. SOB!