Friday, November 4, 2011

New Obsession: Plaid

I've started on a new fashion obsession, plaid.  I am not sure how this new fondness for it has come about, but I seem to be hoarding it a lot lately.  Maybe it is the change of seasons, or my yearning for always wanting to have a school uniform, or the fact it is a vintage style staple.  None the less, I am loving it and want it in all forms. I especially get extra giddy when I pick up a plaid piece of clothing at a thrift and realize it had a Pendleton Wool Mills tag. ZOINKS!
 Okay sorry for the geeking out just a moment ago, here are some of my favorite plaid inspirations, obsessions, and styles.

This is where the plaid magic happens.
(image found here)

Versatile plaid ensemble, check!  Matching family plaid, check!  Manly man in plaid, check! Part of me really dose wish I could pull of plaid pants, maybe that is something I will attempt this winter.
(Images found herehere, and here)

And what house wife dosen't dream of the day their husband gives them the "a-okay" to give the attic a complete plaid carpet make over. Classy!
(Found here)

Plaid picnic? Or store your personal belongs for your train trip in red tartan.

Please bow to the queen of making any type of plaid look good Ms.Stefani
(Images found here)

My own personal favorite plaid look.
Vintage Pedlenton Wool swing coat...all mine!

You bet your bottom dollar I will be sleeping outside target to get Wolfie this Harajuku Mini outfit!
(Image found here)

Want to own your own Pendleton wool skirt?  Check out my shop.


meredithjoy said...

I want to borrow that plaid pencil skirt sometime! It is absolutely fantabulous! And you make it look ridic.

Andrea said...

i am loving plaid right now, too! i just found a cute tartan skirt and tam-o-shanter hat on etsy. lovely post : ) xoxo

chrissy said...

a beautiful swing coat is such a classic! so timeless. the colours on yours are gorgeous.