Thursday, November 3, 2011


This makes it Halloween number two for our little boy Wolfgang this year.  Last Halloween he was a measley two weeks old, but being the crafty mom I am of course I made him a last minute costume.  As a side note, Wolfgang arrived ten days early so we were planning on being in the hospital and his octopus costume was made in a pinch!
I can't believe he was this little last year!

My first Halloween as a lady bug (1 year 1 month). I asked what I was before I turned one and my mom said that "back then" we didn't take babies out when they were that little. That kinda made me feel old when she said that. Also, I would like to say my mom made my costume EVERY year. She's the best!

So, for this year's festivities I was treating it like it was our first Halloween as a family, since Wolfie is a little bit more livley this time around. I was excited to dress up this year too (last year I was still recovering from a c-section). I went through many ideas and thought we would be going as a chicken and the egg, but the night before I went with the gnome idea. I love gnomes, my grandma loves gnomes, and I am Norwegian so, being a gnome fit for this year. Plus gnomes are just so darn cute!

I guess he thought the gnome wanted easy-mac.

The combined cost of our costumes was a little under $20, I'm sure in the years to come I won't be able to come off that thrifty . If Wolfgang is anything like his mum he will want to be ridiculous things that take a lot of sewing and fabric. Thank goodness my mum passed down her sewing machine to me so I can start working on my skills.


Kristen said...

Love your gnome costumes. I made my one year old daughter a gnome for halloween too, didn't make myself a matching one though I should of. Found your blog through ADALOU blog. Your blog looks great!

Deb said...

thanks kristen!!! we love dressing up over here :)