Thursday, July 28, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

With the summer winding down, I am now free to do the projects I have been thinking about.  When I was originally in design school my goal was to create window and store displays. But at the time I could tell that the economy was going in a difficult direction, meaning that there would be a major cut in jobs in the world of planning and design.  I then became a hairdresser and always kepted up with interior design on the side for friends.  Since moving to central Illinois I have met wonderful people and have been given wonderful opportunities.  I have had the pleasure this past week to dress the windows for my lovley friends at The Neighborhood Thrift.  This is the fulfillment of one of my dreams, their dresses are for sale as we speak.  Hopefully this will be a collaboration we can both enjoy.

 Off I go with my hat boxes my husband lovingly loaded.
 No room for the Wolf-man in the back seat.
 A naked window
 Hanging the dresses.
I love the magenta and red dress from Neiman-Marcus circa 1960

 Mini cubbies filled with knick-knacks!

 Paint by number print (hopefully coming home with me ).
 Wig block and rotary phone...swoon!
Finally finished.

Any suggestions of things or dresses you'd like to see? Let me know,  I am open to feed back.

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Dawn said...

Love the blog and you did a fantastic job on the window dressing.