Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Afternoon With Great Grandma

Not everyone gets the privilege of having longevity in their family.  As for myself, I am that lucky to have had relationships with relativies that have outlived all their peers. My Grandma Sally is a young eighty-four years of age, she got to see me grow up and now she gets to enjoy my son Wolfgang.  Grandma and I share two very common passions:  Scandinavian food and Scandinavian knick-knacks. So while my Grandma was house-sitting for my parents, we decided to head up to the 2nd city to visit her favorite Swedish restaurant, Tre Kronor Restaurant
 Ready to eat Swedish pancakes!
 Don't forget the smoked salmon.
 Wouldn't be a Scandinavian restaurant without a folklore mural.
Wolfgang and Mum dressed in vintage button up shirts.
 After lunch it was time to hit up The Sweden Shop
 Pippi Bird pots.
 Rainbow of textiles, yum!
The power trio!

The heat was tolerable, and the sun was picture perfect.  I hope Wolfgang will look back at the photos from this afternoon and smile.

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