Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Week over 90 Degrees

This week has been ridiculous to say the least.  I have now experienced a new version of uncomfortability.  Ninety degree plus weather every day is starting to get out of hand, and with the humidity the heat index is nearly one hundred and twenty degrees.  With that said,  my little family is starting to get a little restless.  We were all just a little extra slap happy this week.  So we needed some activities to distract us from the heat wave.

Toasty relaxed on a chair, while the rest of us took a dip.
 Broke out the sewing machine to do a little project from one of my favorite blogs Smile and Wave.
"Shot through the heart" garland made from old pillow cases.  Total Jovi tribute!

Retro t-shirt and umbrella in attempt to keep cool.
Wolfgang's first attempt at standing on his own, and a quick trip to a friend's house to play .

Mid-week one of my thrifting buddies and I went to a sale to pick up a few things, here are my few findings.
A sewing kit that was like a vintage time capsule .
 A fun waste paper basket and an owl mobile for Wolfgang 
 While Wolfgang played with toys I played with chalk!
 Headed to a friends wedding on Saturday 96 degrees out!
New favorite accent color to pair with a bright color... Beige!

With only a few days a head of us that are are only going to be in the eighties, hopefully we will get a little bit more time outdoors this week. I miss our adventure walks.


Jess Miraski said...

You are stunning in that blue dress!

Dawn said...

I missed your blog, but you made up with this one.

chrissy said...

that mobile is incredible! we don't have any littles in our home but i would still want it to make me smile.