Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Was Left A Dress

Aunt Lil' was my great aunt on my dad's side.  Since I was pretty much the only relative to her younger than the age of 60 she left some personal belongings to me.  After her passing we went to her apartment to finish up going through her few things  One of my father's cousins said that she left me a dress in her closet since she knew I always wore them. In my life time I had never seen Lil' in anything other than polyester slacks and a matching blouse. As I walked over to her closet , and there it was, the only thing left in her tiny closet.  A pale yellow dress with brown dots on it.  She had not worn this dress since the seventies, but still kept it in case something special came up. There it hung just for me, aunt Lil's modest party dress, a very special keepsake indeed.



Jess Miraski said...

Amazing dress. Wonderful story.

Consider my dear said...

So lovely !!!

chrissy said...

this story is very moving.

i have just discovered your blog and i love the way you write and the blog design. happy new follower.


SalvagePatch said...

Oh Wow that is so special xx

Velvet Tangerine said...

Wow what a great story and pretty dress. What a great piece to keep her memory alive!