Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Smeg Is Born

With long pauses and no posts , I finally have some things to share. My family and I have moved into our new home, and it seems like every week new goodies are arriving. Our new Smeg fridge has finally arrived after being stuck in customs for almost TWO WEEKS! Friends keep asking me where I bought it from, how is it arriving, and how much does it cost? 

I found our Smeg on eBay, there is a store/dealer in Buffalo New York that sells only fancy off the wall appliances including ones from overseas (ours came from Italy). A few years back Sears did offer a limited selection of them for a few months, but the prices were through the roof. I stuck with this shop, who helped us through the loooong wait for our precious fridge to arrive to middle of nowhere Illinois.
 This orange gem arrived from freight company, that normally does not do door step delivery, but since the man bringing the box was so curious about it he was very eager to see what was, it he gladly helped my husband bring it up to the house.
 Okay, okay so now the big question, how much does it cost to have a fridge from Italy? $2,100. I know,expensive right? But, this is our DREAM house and I want it to always feel like a special fun place for our family. Since we live in central Illinois, having an orange fridge makes us the talk of the town.


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Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful fridge I have ever seen. :)