Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Living Room

Here are some photos of our living room, as most decor obsessed ladies, it is a work in progress. But, so far I am loving it and my family certainly approves. So enjoy some bits of our humble living space.

 All of us have such a love for books.

 The Wolf can destroy a room in .5 seconds, so it makes it difficult to get perfect photos, but hey we have a lot of fun. 

More photos to come later in the week...or as the house gets cleaner.



Jessi said...

Gorgeous room, I love all the colours and patterns in your accessories. Can I ask where you found the booster seat on the dining chair?
I'm hoping to get some Eames style chairs soon and have been wondering how to make my daughter's booster chair work on them :)

ninainvorm said...

How lovely to discover your blog, what an amazing place you live in! Love all the colors... I will be back! ;)