Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oh, Hey! I'm Home

Hey there friends, finally settled back at home again.  After living out of a suitcase for the past two weeks and mooching off my parents while my husband does a study program, I am back in Bloomington. I've been a wee stressed out since I have been home, Wolfie seems to think that being 90 minuets north means we are in a different time zone. As of right now this kid won't go to bed all sweet and cute like he did before. Maybe, I was spoiled before with his good bedtime routine, now he won't sleep unless I sit there and have a staring contest with him. Anyone have this problem? Is it because pops was out of town so long? Only time will tell and persistance I suppose. So, why all this explanation?  Well, I normally write after the kiddo goes to bed,but I have been so tired after getting him to sleep that I need to sleep.  So as things get back to normal around here, I will try to get back into my regular post. I have so many good thrift finds to share!



sammieg said...

Evan does this after we travel. It's normal but it totally sucks.

Yourmom206 said...

Wondering if you've found your rhythm once again.
This happens to us everytime we travel, it usually goesback to our similar outine after awhile.