Thursday, August 9, 2012

Let's Go For A WeeRide

Good evening friends! Life is getting back to "normal" and I think we figured out Wolfie's lack of wanting to go to bed issues. We decided it was a bit of seperation anxiety from pop's when he was away for so long, and just needing a good ol' fashion bedtime story from him as well. Thank you dear friends for helping me out by texting and instagraming suggestions, I was almost starting to loose my marbles. Since sleep has been restored back in our home again we have been able to enjoy a few lazy days left before pops goes back into the class room. Long family walks,trips to the library, lots of snuggly movie nights, and daily bike rides have done us well.
 I posted a photo a few days ago of me and Wolf on my bike, a lot of you asked what bike seat he was using. The seat is called WeeRide, it normally runs around $50 and they have a few diffrent models available.

Do you remember rind on the seat that was on the back of the bike? Me too and it scared me so much! This seat lets your tot see what you see, and Wolf thinks hes driving. So you wanna know if its comfy? Yes, thought with my style cruiser I do have to have my legs a little spread out more than the norm (minds out of the gutter folks), but hey I'm not  in the Tour de France. For an everyday family bike ride this seat is perfect.

I love Paul Frank Industries, so I begged my husband like a teenage for this helmet. Get your Skurvy helmet here.


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