Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A Rainbow of Choo Choo's

This past weekend we drove two hours and fifty minuets to Union, Illinois to spend  "A Day Out With Thomas". Wolfgang likes Thomas, but loves trains, yes we got to see the blue train, yes we got to wave at him. But, the true excitement for us was to see all the different types of train you can ride at the museum itself.  I also am a huge train nut, so there I was begging like a toddler asking if we can go look/ride a specific train.  For this trip we went with my in-laws, which was perfect because my father in law is also a train nerd. The weather was perfect, and the air was buzzing with excitement, much like a special day at Disneyland.  With the very useful engine chugging in the background and the all familiar Thomas tunes playing, it was a magical day.

 So many colorful trains, with amazing graphic logos. 
 My favorite street car, The Green Hornet 
As a side note, I have no photos of Wolf facing the camera because he couldn't take his eyes off of all the choo choo's


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Tenebris In Lux said...

The little girl that I nannied over the summer was obsessed with Thomas and went to this even with her family a couple of years back. Glad you guys had fun! I'm a fan of trains myself.