Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Your My Boy Blue!

Well,well, well what a past couple of weeks it has been around this joint.  Last week we laid to rest our tried and true 98' blue VW beetle, Hans was his name and he was such a great little car.  I normally dont get too attached to things but, this car was my dream car. Hans started to become ill last summer, his AC blew out and he needed a new radiator. We tried having the AC fixed several times, but nothing would work so about $800 later we gave up on that problem. Then about a week and a half about Hans  started making a grinding sound and his clutch gave out...then he wouldn't start back up. He was a goner, my little blue dream bug had bit the dust.

So, now that all has be restored back to normal, time to get back on the blogging bandwagon. Have I mentioned we've been out of town every weekend in June? Yeah, we've been living out of suitcases, but at least we got a new car!



Jess Judkins said...

what new car did you get? we have been living out of a suitcase as well, hopefully that stops for a bit ;-) I miss our routine

Deb said...

Jess we got a used Jetta, and her name is Gretel. and yes you have been on the go just as much as us!