Saturday, June 30, 2012

Real Life Pinterest: Kitchen Inspiration

I am almost finished with our mini kitchen redecorating, as I've mentioned in the past, with this apartment I am taking my sweet time to make sure everything is perfect. Most of my inspiration is from fellow bloggers who share house tours, but most of my ideas have come from the all mighty Pinterest.

My Kitchen
My Kitchen 

I am finishing up hanging things this week, and then i will give the full grand tour of my little kitchen. We have been out of town every weekend in June, so I am looking forward to finishing all my half done projects.



Consider my dear said...

Is enchanting! When can I come over? How long does it take?

Julia said...

I LOVE IT! i just got a coffee pot at a flea market that would look great in your kitchen. I'm jealous, it's just how I imagine my future kitchen..

Jess Judkins said...

So pretty! Come over and help me with my kitchen ;-)