Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tis' The Season For Group Sales

 It's my favorite time of year, that's right, it's rummage sale season!  Two of the local churches put on a huge rummage sale that is held at the county 4-H barns. This past Saturday was crazy, there were tables and tables of junk/treasures/knick-knacks. Now this particular sale isn't my absolute favorite one, but a good practice run for the big Second Presbyterian Church sale. This sale never fails me, and the prices are CRAZY good, it's like Christmas morning for thrifters!  But, here are the finds from this past Saturday's sale, Enjoy!

Can't wait to see what this Saturday's rummage sale will have for me.



Salvaged Strawberry said...

Just found your blog! :) I love the clothes you found! I, too, cannot resist buying vintage kids' clothes! Theya re just the cutest! I can't wait for church rummages to start back up here -- my favorite!

Jess Judkins said...

Ahhh why can't we be neighbors and thrift together!!!!

Deb said...

@salvaged strawberry thanks for finding my blog love! and yes...vintage kids clothes are sooooo hard to resist!

Deb said...

@jess judkins..jess you dont unserstand how often i think" oh i'll just run this over to jess' house...oh maybe she'll wanna come over for lunch" but *sigh* reality sinks in