Friday, December 2, 2011

New Look

Welcome to my new space, it's cute, isn't it?  This whole blogging thing is really sort of taking off for me, it started out as a little diary for myself and maybe a few friends and family members to peek in on.  I never throught I would become so inspired and be so lucky to meet so many people.  Thank you readers and dear friends of the blogosphere for being so thoughtful, kind and supportive.

My lovely blog design was thought up in the cute little head of Miss Sandi, you can stop by and say hello to her here.
Cool wall huh? I made Meredith pull the car over to take my picture, she's the best!  Well, actually she's a distant second to my husband/editor, but I still like her a lot.


Sandi said...

That wall is fabulous, I love your photos in fronts of it. And your blog, I hope the new design keeps you inspired and happy. Thanks again for letting me help you with it :)

Deb said...

Yes I had never seen that wall till right then! and thank you sandi for being so open to helping!!!

sammieg said...

I love the dala in the banner! It is so lovely.