Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A Little Slice Of Heaven

So I am not quite sure where to start with this post, so I'll just say it.  Last week my husband's grandmother passed away, she was 96 years young and created a treasure trove of memories for those around her.  Her gift to me was how to make pumpkin pie from scratch.  From as far back in my relationship with my husband I  can remember him talking about how his grandma would feed him slices of bread with butter on it.  This was no ordinary bread.  This was bread from the special Cermak Rd. bakery on 22nd street in Berwyn, Illinois ( you know?BERRRRRWYNNN).  Vesecky's Bakery is a cult classic amongst those Czech folks from Berwyn. This place is to blame for two major dessert eating incidents.  The first was the great kolacky powdered sugar explosion that caused a car cash.  The second was a houska hording that caused people to fill their trunks with enough loaves to feed a small country.  Needless to say, Berwyn holds a special place in all of our hearts and memories of Eleanore fill our minds when we taste those delicious delicates.
This place would bring Willy Wonka to his knees.

Grandma Kocourek gave us so much to be thankful for...even if some of them were calorie-filled.  She will be missed so much.
I love Grandma's hair in this photo, it is perfect! Can you believe she raised four boys?

Tasting the same bread just like papa did when he was a little boy. It is so exciting to see memories being passed on.

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Nicole said...

YUM!!! That bread looks amazing!