Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Branching Out: Decatur, Illinois

What an unexpected branching out adventure that happened yesterday!  I called up my bestie Meredith and asked if she wanted to go thrifting, and she replied "Lets get wild and bring the kiddos to Decatur". Wolfgang and I were down for sure.  I mean, Wolfie can't talk, but I"m pretty sure he said, "Yes Mom, I'd love to go to Decatur, IL.  That sounds like the greatest thing that has happened in my life thus far."  So I packed up our snack and toy bags and we were off to the bustling metropolis that is Decatur.  I had never been there before, but Meredith went to Millikin University and recalled some gem thrift stores.  As a side note, I will state on record that Decatur is a soy processing plant town, and it has its shady areas.  At one time I would have imagined that this town was a megalopolis for the middle class, but now that is all left up to the imagination.

Off we go.

Thrift store or garbage dump? Answer: ....Thrift store! With the most amazing book room I've ever seen.
Oh yeah, the soy bean processing plant.  Smelly!
Our kiddos hold hands while we travel, this makes my heart melt.
This town gets an A+ for retro signs
Before hitting the road back home Meredith heard about this amazing coffee shop called Wildflour, you can check them out here. I recommend EVERYTHING.  I had an almond croissant that had a butter filling as well as a sugar cookie.  I also took a bite out of a raspberry shortbread bar, McGruff style.   I figured a good sugar rush for the car ride home was well deserved.

When we arrived home, our husbands ordered pizza and we showed off our prizes from the day's travels.  Here is a short round up.
Zoinks! Two vintage cameras for a dollar? Both are in MINT condition, and yes, you should be using your "Shaggy" voice for the "zoinks".

What a lovely adventure, it was so enjoyable to have a partner in crime for this trip. Want another point of view of our branching out trip? Stop by Meredith's blog to catch her side of the story.



Sally said...

Fantastic finds! I envy your day trip to lovely Decatur! That Kodak movie camera rules!

chrissy said...

i love days like that with my friends. we call them 'lady dates'. amazing deal on those cameras.