Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Year Was 1971

"Back in the day" my dad was a wild man. He did demolition derby and drove a stock car, he even managed to get a huge trophy for himself.  I have been living between two homes for the past couple weeks.  Yes, I do visit my parents quite often, but the past two weeks I was making sure to take care of my dad before his surgery, and now afterwards as well.  Here I am sitting on my folks bed next to my dad recovering from his hip replacement surgery, watching a little college football (don't get the wrong idea I DON'T understand football at all). My dad got in bad demolition accident about 40 years ago and now hes had to pay the price by getting a new hip. Thank goodness for modern medicine.  Get well dad, Wolfie is ready to run around with you and the pup.

Raceway Park    Blue Island,Illinois 


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