Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Brown & Orange

My two new favorite colors, brown and orange, seem to be popping up a lot lately in the blog world. These two colors defined a decade, and left many homes scarred with their bold past.  Maybe it's your grandma's kitchen, once brand new when she retired in 1978 with the latest "neutral"color pallet adorning every inch of her mobile home. Maybe it was that local donut shop that thought the dark brown woodgrain formica booths would be a timeless look for customers through the generations. Or possibly, your living in that apartment your landlord calls vintage, but really it looks like an old truck stop. Well, however you view the color combo of brown and orange it's here to stay and its better than ever!  Personally,  I can't get enough of wearing orangish-dress with brown-ish tights and my orange wellies (yes all in one outfit mishmashed together maybe, a little over the top?) Never the less brown and orange is a classic combo.  Here are some design bloopers from the past.
What better colors to bring out Mrs. Brady's natural beauty?
Looking for decorating ideas? Look no further! With these dark tones your sure to turn any room in your home into a sultry lounge.
A perfectly preserved 70's apartment for that new college grad looking to branch out from nest of mother's and father's home.  Those orange counter tops would  go swimmingly with my lime green fondue set.

Okay, so I've made my point of showing some of the less attractive orange and brown combos, here are some new modern takes on the blunders from the past.

Pilgrim of Draw Pilgrim 's personal house tour. She always knows how to blend things of the past and present perfectly.

Of course I would own this Sputnik style high chair for lil' Wolfie.
The "it "stroller to us modern hipster mums.

Images From Ikea.com

This dream dress

And no post would be complete without something from my own person knick-knack collection.


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Rae Veda said...

Pretty pictures. I love the dress! xo, rv