Monday, October 17, 2011

Grannie Blankies

Okay,  so I can't believe I'm actually writing about these afghans. The hodge-podge of colors, textures and shapes was a gift I used to dread receiving from my dad's Aunt Lil when I young.  The weird color combinations that Aunt Lil would put together would lead me to believe that she crocheted it in the dark. Now, twenty some years later, I am trolling the thrift stores to find these discarded gifts of the past.  Some retail stores are even selling some that almost cost $300, yikes! At my most recent thrift trips I decided to take pictures of some of the crocheted gems I bumped into.

What pattern can't you pass by?

When I told my dad I wanted to take pictures of this thing he said "I thought you hated those tacky things?" Well, my words came back to bite me this time.  Do you have a favorite grannie blanket?  If so message me, I'd love to see your crochet heirloom.   

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Nicole said...

Those are all absolutely beautiful. We have a few that my man's mom made for him. The one on our bed now is the same one that he had when he was a little kid!