Sunday, October 23, 2011


So after our little play trip in the park, we were walking home through the alley way.  I love walking through the allies of the old homes in our neighborhood, because some of the garages/carriage houses are just as pretty as the homes themselves. Well, today was my lucky day, there was a yard sale that was long over from earlier in the day. The people who had the sale were "cocktailing" in their backyard, if you can read between the lines (that's the term they used).  When they called out and said" all this is free, or you can get it from the curb tomorrow".  I tried to hold back my excitement, but they could tell I was a girl who knew my knick knacks. So with husband and son in tow I picked through the treasures, and walked away a happy girl.  I wanted to take everything they had, but let's be realistic I don't need to own every single piece of junk this town puts out. So here were my choices:

 I've wanted one of these suitcases ever since Erin and Stephanie over at Oh So Lovely  and Rachel of Smile and Wave had pictures of their suitcase up on the web.

Who can resist a teapot? Especially a free one.

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chrissy said...

your neighbourhood seems to be awesome for the curbside finds. i am officially jealous! and i am loving the flower detailing on the bottom of that teapot... so unexpected and lovely.