Thursday, October 6, 2011

Cupcakes & Cocktails

I always feel like September is a pre-game for the Christmas season because all my family and a fair amount of my friends celebrate their birthday this month.  With all this in mind and my constant desire to bake and make decorations ala Martha Stewart, I told my dear friend Sally, who has an amazing Victorian home, that we need to have a cupcake party.  Being the kind gal that Sal is, she let me just run with it. Thus the baking and garland making began...
Simple tissue and notecard garland, love showing off my art skills.
Whoopie pies were something I was craving.  So since it was partially my party I did gladly oblige....myself.

Nutella butter cream on white cake is always a crowd pleaser.
This beautiful peanut butter frosting laid upon some devil's food cake, my husband's favorite.
My baking assistant needed a banana break. He's not used to being in the baking trenches like I am.

Packed up and ready to go!

Bow tie, Jon-jon,and slicked hair, Wolf was ready to party.
Wolf going after lady Sofia
A special gift from Sally.
Wolf helping uncle Casey's bottom half.
Stacks of cupcakes!

The evening was short for me.  Wolfgang needed to go to bed early that night , and I was crashing hard from my sugar high.


NIXNAX said...

Your Garland was super cute and i love that you indulged yourself since you were in charge of the show :)

Jess Miraski said...

the nutella cupcakes were amazing!

jenn the soothsayer said...

those cupcakes look absolutely, deliciously decadent! great excuse to bring out all those lovely vintage linens, too!

Sally said...

What a perfect party! Cupcakes were luscious and your photos are fantastic! Pleasure was all mine - thanks so much for all you did to make it a night to remember, Deb-tastic!