Monday, September 26, 2011

What Makes A Collection?

 Collections are a complicated thing.  For one thing,  what makes a collection? Is it the amount? The thing itself?  What's hot at the moment?  The answer is, anything could be really.  The collecting rules that I have put in place for myself  are quite simple. More than three items means I collect it (I know it sounds silly, but hey I am making up the rules). The second rule is that there can be no repeats. To prevent myself from becoming a hoarder a couple years ago after I went on a Pyrex buying binge , I said no more doubles, if something breaks it breaks. Honestly, who needs four pink Pyrex pie plates?  Lastly, make sure it's something I really like, meaning just because a friend starts collecting something , does not mean I need to join in. With all that in mind , my collections must be objects I really like, not fifty of the same thing, and have meaning.

 Here are some of my collections, and a couple of Wolfgang's small collections that adorn our home.

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