Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How Break In Your Clogs

I'm so excited about all the new friends I have meet since starting to blog, it is a difficult process to make yourself stand out amongst all the other talented bloggers out there.  I was so pleased to have Ugglebo Clogs become such a good friend. We share such a passion for quality made styles of the past. Their clogs are true to their classic modern style , and are delightful to wear with both my vintage and new clothing.  I can't wait till they launch their new site next week, I'm sure my clog wish list will grow even longer!

Whenever I get a new pair of shoes I put them through a rigorous breaking in process, well not really, but with clogs it is imperative to give them a chance to break in. Here is my go to guide I use to break them in while doing house work.

Clogs: C/O: Ugglebo

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