Thursday, September 15, 2011

Digital Decor With PostalPix

Like anyone who has a camera phone with all the fun applications likes Instagram, Cameramatic, Camera+, and dozens more, sometimes we are left with vintage style photos, and nowhere that likes to print them.  After many of frustrating photo trips to the pharmacy and such I was more than thrilled to stumble upon the company PostalPix.  They have a lovely simple application that allows you to order prints right from your mobile device.  What makes me most happy is the retro sizes they offer i.e. 4x4 and 5x5.  Of course, being a die-hard decorator I have to make some creative ways to displays my prints.

Here are three ideas..

Ribbon With Clothes Pins

Nail ribbon onto wall, clip on pics.

Old Chair Spring

Found on the curb, I rolled and old chair spring up like a sconce.

Chalk Frames

My husband and I share an office with a chalkboard wall, I always try to change it once a week .

Hope this was able to inspire some photo decor in your home. And maybe soon PostalPix will create their own camera app.


*Kelli Rhiannon* said...

Very cool! I love Postal Pix! :)

*Kelli Rhiannon* said...

Very awesome! I love Postal Pix! :)