Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Happy start of the week everyone. I am happy to share some "Bits & Pieces" from today.  The bits and pieces post is a weekly segment that Miss James of Bleubird vintage shares with her readers every Friday.  A short but sweet picture story of her favorite highlights from throughout her day. It is my pleasure to bring you my "Bits & Pieces" of our laid back Sunday.

1. My feet in the alley with the first red leaf I saw. 2. Crepes and inspiration. 3. Cool crisp afternoon stroll. 4. Ironing vintage dresses. 5. A friend posing in a vintage dress for my shop. 6. A new pillow case. 7. Salvaged mint sink. 8. Our shadows. 9. Vintage bike. 10. My dear Toasty cat. Hope you enjoyed my "bit and pieces"! 

1 comment:

jenn the soothsayer said...

beautiful shots, deb, love this!