Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Big Collection For A Little Wolf

After reading one of my favorite blogs skunkboycreatures where it featured the bloggers daughter's wonderful vintage dress collection, I decided it was due time to show off some of Wolfgang's vintage wardrobe.  I think a lot of people have their mind set that only girls have cute clothing.  Since having Wolfie it has been my goal to prove people wrong that there are adorable things out there for little boys as well. Here's a peak at what Wolf has.

 Hi! I'm Wolfie and  I'm 11 months old, take a look at my thrifted collection. 
 Sailor Suits, Seersucker Suits, OH MY! 
 How many Jon Jon's can one boy own?
 A gift from my mom's client .
Button up shirts, the blue and white one belonged to my uncle.

In many of our photos together we normally wear a vintage/thrifted outfits, I am such a sucker for little bow ties!

Here is a list of some of our favorite shops we like to hit up for goodies for the Wolfman:

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