Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Thrift Binge

From Saturday morning till Tuesday afternoon I have been on a thrifting extravaganza.  With some of my dresses selling like hot cakes at the Neighborhood Thrift I need to replenish my stock, and pick up a few things for myself.  Saturday my friend Sally, Wolfgang and myself went to Lincoln, Illinois to check out the local goods.  Then, Sunday evening I headed up to my folks place in the suburbs of Chicago to catch half-price day at some of my favorite junk shops.
Ready for the adventure dressed head to toe in thrift store finds.
This could be good or bad, depending on which side your on.
A funny little man, and a lil' owl for a friend.
Fisher Price school, came with all the accessories for $2.99. I had the the same disney LP record as a child.
Loaded down with our treasures and my friends.
On Monday morning I woke up early to go to my favorite junk store that has half price Mondays.
 Orange was on my mind.
What a find!  I was so excited for these cameras.
 Went a tad over board with the scarf purchasing.
Vintage embroidered tunic, the color combination was so dreamy at the price of 3.99!
 Here are some finds that I picked up for my little Wolfgang.

 I caved and picked up the paint by number at the Neighborhood Thrift.
Here is a small preview of some of the dresses I picked up for "First Fridays" in downtown Bloomington.  "First Fridays"include businesses staying open for later hours, live musical performances, food and live art creation/demos.

After a few days straight of thrifting , I realized that I can't get enough of it! The hunt, the surprises, the fun of junk hunting that brings me and my friends together. I am so excited to get to share all my adventures with the blog world. This weekend I am going to do a very special post on my fashion/design muse Francis Urewicz. I can't wait to share her stories with you!


sammieg said...

I love every second of your thrifting adventures! I wish I had a good eye like you and access to thrift stores that were not overpriced.

jenn the soothsayer said...

good job! i am indeed jealous of all that good junkin', and looking forward to your fashion fridays. and, btw, i absolutely love your blog!

chrissy said...

a few months ago i stumbled upon the fisher price school house with the accessories and could not resist! ah-mazing!


Dottie said...

I think that is the best haul I've ever SEEN!

Those little jonjons alone. And don't even get me started on the awesomeness of that FP farm. I. Die.