Monday, August 22, 2011

Style Me Like Fran

So much of my inspiration comes from the women in my family tree.  Frances Urewicz was my grandmother, she was an amazing  dresser and glamour girl who managed to always look sharp on a tight budget.  Here are a couple of my favorite items and looks of hers.

Grandma Fran's Favorite Peach Dress 

Feather trim how I love thee!

My favorite feature of my grandmother was her perfectly softed finger waved raven colored hair. Even though my grandma changed her hair color several times throughout her lifetime, black was always her natural.  Her mane never had more then just a few thin silvery strands that ran through her fringe.

Fran & Me
Fran's late 30's style is my favorite to recreate.

Fran's Favorites From Her Past

Favorite hat and purse she used during the late 60's.
Hankie ,scarf and ticket stubbed saved from my fathers senior prom.
 Broaches and favorite lipsticks she saved from the 50's so she could match them up to modern brands.
Her custom made Balenciaga heels ,that she refused to tell me how much she paid for them in the 40's.  The last time I spoke with my grandma before her passing I wore these, she said she finally got her money's worth.

I miss my grandma terribly, but happy to have her treasures from her past , to give  new life to


Jess Miraski said...

This was a wonderful post! Brought a tear to my eye!

jenn the soothsayer said...

what amazing treasures! you must feel so blessed to have these. these would be great finds in a vintage shop alone, the fact they are family heirlooms makes them all the more precious.