Monday, August 29, 2011

Flower Power

I have started to notice a trend on my thrift finds. Flowers!  Lots and lots of 60's Brady Bunch-ish flowers. I am not sure exactly where the obsession started.  Every table cloth,sheet, or napkin that has some sort of psychadelic flower on it , I must take it home with me !

The joy of the late 60's

 How can anyone have a pre-teen meltdown with that wallpaper?
 Which tacky color combo best suits you?
Spring has sprung every morning in this powder room.

And for my collection...


tiffanyb said...

this is so funny because i literally was about to post about all the floral patterns in our apartment. i never realized it until one day i looked around and saw flowers every where!

Consider my dear said...

I wish I had proof but up until they died my grandparents bathroom looked just like that one. It was green and blue with gold glitter. I think the sink was a light pink too. I would die to have it now.

Jess Miraski said...

kinda funny...but floral print is totally something I LOVE. Something about it just speaks to me.