Monday, July 18, 2011

Amongst Bev's Knick-Knacks : Guest Blogger

I met Bev on instagram, and we connected immediately over her photos of her kitchen.  Here is her amazing story of her Knick-Knacks.  Take it away Bev.

I'm 33 – married of 6yrs. to David and mum to 3.5yr old Robyn. David & I were friends before we got together and are the best of friends ever since!
We run a small business selling & installing car accessories – like Trackers & Car Alarms, hands free kits & so on! David is very technical & I do the books. We both yearn to do something more creative.. one day we will!
We both love good design and our house is very much a retro jumble – we don't restrict ourselves to one era. We don't like to pay full price for anything so we are always on the hunt for 2nd hand or at the very least a discount! Weekends more often than not we’ll be found at a car boot sale or a collectors fair! I call in at the local Charity shops a few times a week and my family isn't allowed to throw anything away without running it past me!
My nan was my mums mum and I spent many happy hours with her in her kitchen. Her house was walking distance from ours; across a field so mum could see me get all the way there! Id sit looking at those shelves- hers wrapped in 40’s turquoise paper with duck egg blue painted walls- the cold from the walls was palpable without even touching them.
The mugs hanging from the lower shelves – the stacks of plates where only a few matched- it wasn't stylish then.. it was “needs must” and  “make do & mend”
Her recipe books & notebooks with corners turned and scraps from magazines sticking out- all well used & loved. Things were used and appreciated – didn't sit long enough to get dusty- there wasn't much there that got away with just being pretty – it had to have a use!
I used to giggle at her drawer full of string & elastic bands and bags to be used over- now I know she was just ahead of her time- re-use don't throw away. I learned so much from her but I yearn to go back and learn more-   remembering Nan makes me appreciate my Mum so much more & I cherish time with her so much- and I listen & learn from her whenever I see her. Which is two or three times a week and I'm walking distance from her too- but not in a line of sight this time!

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Dawn said...

Thank you for the guest blogger. I can see why you two made a connection.